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I can connect to server, by using putty. I add ip address and port number, and then I connect. Before data starts to flow, I need to type "USERNAME=mysusername,PASSWORD=mypassword" When I do this, data starts to flow... I can see it, but it is compressed. I need to uncompress this data.

Format is this: Header+PayLoad

I need to process the header, and convert it, and uncompress it, and later on, I will insert this data to mysql.

I would like to know, how this is done with PHP, or if there is better solution ie C, C++. I am connecting using windows, with mysql and php installed. Data is continious, and somehow, I think, needs to store data first on a file, and then run a script lets say every minute, and restart...


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Although in my experience dealing with this kind of data is easier in C, it can be done in php, using the php socket API. There are some easy examples on the examples page, including a simple socket client.

To decode the binary data read from the socket you can use the unpack function.

Why do you think this needs to be done in two stages? Normally reading, parsing, decoding and storing the data in the database shouldn't take too long.

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@Ossi binding means server side and you cannot bind a server on your machine to serve some socket elsewhere of course. So I suspect you started from the server democode and not the client democode. However, it's not a good idea to sort of extend the question via the comments, I'd suggest you try again using the client democode and if questions arise, just open a new question here on SO. – fvu Jan 9 '13 at 16:39
I think Im little confused, how these sockets supposed to work. I have tried first example, and if I understand correctly, I put and port 1234 on example.php . Then I use putty to connect to external ip and port 1234, and I should see same result on my browser echoed from my Putty screen correct? Confused – Ossi Jan 9 '13 at 16:40
Funny how we typed at the same time, after I did delete my first comment... I will accept this and ask new questions... Thanks for getting me in the right direction. – Ossi Jan 9 '13 at 16:42

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