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I want to implement a RESTful design in Zend Framework 1. I am not sure how to document the resources and which methods are allowed and which extra parameters can be supplied.

My current implementation uses a controller name as resource and the HTTP methods are the action names. I am already sending "Allow" in the header containing:


I am wondering how I can document the possible and required parameters for the client.

  1. Is there a common DocBlock convention?
  2. Is it feasible to "autodocument" the possible extra parameters with HTTP headers (like the "Allow" part)

Right now I am making up DocBlock attributes and sending them on an "OPTIONS" request.

 * @route /data/results
 * @method GET
 * @requiredParams pid The project ID
 * @queryParams tid The team ID
public function getAction()
    $pid = $this->_getParam('pid');
    $teamId = $this->_getParam('tid');

    if (null === $pid) {
        ->setBody(Zend_Json::encode(array('required parameters missing')));
    } else {
        $this->getResponse()->setBody(Zend_Json::encode(array($pid, $teamId)));
        $this->getResponse()->setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');

public function optionsAction()
    $reflect = new Zend_Reflection_Class($this);
    foreach (explode(',',$this->getAllowedMethods()) as $method) {
        $action = strtolower(trim($method)) . 'Action';
        try {
            $docs[] = $method.' '.$reflect->getMethod($action)
        } catch(Zend_Reflection_Exception $e) {


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There seem to be not accepted standards. A good resource is:


for the Symfony2 framework.

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