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I have the following method signature in my WCF web service:

public CreateItemResult CreateAgent(int tenantId, string loginName, int timeZoneId)  

How can I pass Null value for timeZoneId in my SOAP? I've tried to pass the following in my SOAP request but it did not work:

<timeZoneId i:nil="true" xmlns:i="" />  

Must I change int timeZoneId to be int? timeZoneId in my WCF web service in order to pass Null values to it? Is there any other way?

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What happened when you tried to pass the null timeZoneId? Maybe check the schema that's generated for your service. If the minOccurs is 0 then you should be able to omit the element altogether. If you don't see it, minOccurs defaults to one. See if making the timeZoneId nullable changes the schema. – davidfmatheson Jan 8 '13 at 14:27

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Yes if you want to pass null you need to make your timeZoneId in your operation contract nullable (int?). Otherwise timeZoneId element is considered as not nillable in XSD schema.

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