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I run a large website that contains millions of user generated posts that contain HTML. Some of these posts contain sensitive words my advertisers don't want to advertise next to. Instead of deleting these posts, I'd rather censor out the "bad" words. I also need to preserve the markup because letting the users mark up their posts is a major feature of the site.

I am currently using a search and replace with str_ireplace(), but our authors have become clever and are doing things (below) that slip through my primitive filter. I can strip the tags and detect the inappropriate words, but am looking for a way of replacing the words while leaving the markup untouched.


Successfully censored:

input:  "<p>Mary is a bitch.</p>"
output: "<p>Mary is a *****.</p>" 

Unsuccessfully censored:

input:          "<p>Mary is a <strong>b</strong>itch.</p>"
failed output:  "<p>Mary is a <strong>b</strong>itch.</p>" 
desired output: "<p>Mary is a <strong>*</strong>****.</p>"
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I don't think this will help. How about b-itch, bitch, beetch, be-yatch, etc, ad nauseam. It's a continuous battle where you add rules, and they find workarounds. – SWeko Jan 8 '13 at 14:00
@SWeko - I have my word list -- the problem is that some authors are doing things like b<i>ee</i>tch of which there are infinite possibilities. – Vidbot Jan 8 '13 at 14:03
First of all, get rid of the html in your messages. There is really no way to reliably censor your text if that's in there. Then, strip all non-letter characters, then compare your result with a massive library of all possible swearwords. Good luck. – Cerbrus Jan 8 '13 at 14:04
Don't forget unicode use as well, Ɓitch or ʙitch both of which do not use a regular B, then there are the numeric substitutions like B1tch. Something like this would not catch every possibility. You best bet is a good moderation system for reporting and removing offensive posts. – cryptic ツ Jan 8 '13 at 14:06
@Vidbot: You could strip the string like I suggested, and reject it if it contains swearwords, and "accept" the original sting if it doesn't. – Cerbrus Jan 8 '13 at 14:09
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Just for fun here is a quick and dirty way:

$badWords = array('bitch', 'jerk');
$input = '<p>Mary is a <strong>b</strong>itch. </p>';

$arr = explode(' ', $input);

foreach($arr as $key => $word)
    $word = str_replace('.', '', strip_tags($word));
    if(in_array($word, $badWords))
        $arr[$key] = '*****';

$output = implode(' ', $arr);
echo $output;


<p>Mary is a ***** </p>

The above splits the text into words, and applies strip_tags() on each of the words, so that it doesn't affect the entire content.

There are still many ways around it though, as the comments point out. You'll never get a perfect solution that can handle everything they throw at it - you would need to create something close to artificial intelligence. I think the best real solution would be to strip_tags() on the whole post and search for the bad words, then if any found, flag the post for moderator attention. Or just simply have a report post system with active moderators.

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This problem has become time-sensitive so I think I'm going to have to do a mass search and flag all posts that contain bad words and have the mods deal with them. – Vidbot Jan 8 '13 at 14:34
@Vidbot then, you should post this comment as an answer and accept it yourself. – Paolo Stefan Jan 8 '13 at 17:45

My advice would be to use other methods to stop this, as it is extremely hard.

from this amusing piece by Jeff Atwood about what 'clbuttic' problems arise from trying to do so:

Obscenity filtering is an enduring, maybe even timeless problem. I'm doubtful it will ever be possible to solve this particular problem through code alone. But it seems some companies and developers can't stop tilting at that windmill. Which means you might want to think twice before you move to Scunthorpe.

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I currently have a few mods flagging and deleting posts, but may need to find more easily offended mods to align with the views of Google's ad network. – Vidbot Jan 8 '13 at 14:31
haha, 'more easily offended mods" .. nice :) – Nanne Jan 8 '13 at 14:33

You're going to have an extremely tough time accomplishing this in your way, but my recommendation would be to not change the words out with asterisks, but rather just reject the posting and let the user know why. Here's why:

  1. Simplify your searching. If your algorithm only has to check if some form of a bad word exists in the text, then you can strip_tags the text and search for your words. If you were to try to replace this out with asterisks, you can't strip_tags since you need to leave the originating text in it's prior condition.
  2. It's what people expect. What people don't expect is for their text to be modified with no notification to them. You'd likely be better sending people back with a message that says "this post contains inappropriate words/text"

If you are insistent that you replace with asterisks instead of sending the user back, you'll need to write a basic character-by-character parser that ignores HTML tags and constructs words out of it.

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You could start from a "bad words" list and check the tag-clean string (that is, filtered via strip_tags() against the "bad words". Then you could iterate each bad word through a series of possible single-letter alterations, eg S=>5, 1=>L, 0=>O etc.

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