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Strange thing in my Magento. And I can't see the problem.

I've created a module. (it extends the CMS pages)

In the Observer.php I've got:

$fieldset->addField('news_header_image', 'image', array(
    'name'      => 'news_header_image',
    'label'     => Mage::helper('cms')->__('News Header image 80x80 pics'),
    'title'     => Mage::helper('cms')->__('News Header image 80x80 pics'),
    'value'     => $model['news_header_image']

This works fine, but...

In my observer.php public function savePage(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)
I can use: $_POST['news_header_image']
but $_FILES['news_header_image']['name'] (or even var_dump($_FILES) ) is completely empty :-S

What is wrong here? thanks!

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You need to add the enctype to the <form> of the cms page

 * Add enctype to cms page edit form
 * @param $observer Varien_Event_Observer
 * @return void
public function adminhtmlBlockHtmlBefore($observer)
    $block = $observer->getEvent()->getBlock();
    if ($block instanceof Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Cms_Page_Edit_Form) {

and add this to your config:

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I think you should be getting any values attached by the event using the observer object rather than directly via _POST variables.

I'm not familiar with CMS Events, but if you do a debug dump of the below to see what values are available in your particular event..

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Ow, jeah, thanks! It shows up here. But then the last question would be... How to get it in this one? $uploader->save($media_path, $file_name . $_FILES['news_header_image']['name']); I guess this has to be changed... but into what? $_FILES['news_header_image']['name'] –  bvl Jan 8 '13 at 15:14

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