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With the following code I get the content of "#featured-carousel" to fade in and out of slide 2, 3, etc.
However, not for the first slide.
How do I get even first slide to fade in and out the very first time?

<script type="text/javascript">
        jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

            var color = "<?=$color?>";
            var header_color = "<?=$header_color?>";        

            $('#featured-carousel').bind('slide', function() {
                $(".carousel-caption").animate({'opacity': 0}, 500).delay(2000);  
                $(".item img").animate({'opacity': 1}, 500).delay(2000);          
                $(".carousel-caption").animate({'opacity': 1}, 500).delay(2000); 
                $(".item img").animate({'opacity': 0.2}, 500).delay(2000);                 

                   interval: 6000,
                      cycle: true,          

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I'm sorry I couldn't cope with your delays, so I used timeouts instead. That way, the animations are canceled when the carousel is navigated manually.

Demo (jsfiddle)

First, some CSS to make the first item look like the beginning of the animation, but this can be done with some JS if you prefer :

#myCarousel .carousel-caption {
  opacity: 0;
  filter: alpha(opacity=0);

And then comes the animation part, divided in two bindings : when we start the animation and when we need to reset the appearance :

var $carousel = $('#myCarousel');
var $carouselCaptions = $carousel.find('.item .carousel-caption');
var $carouselImages = $carousel.find('.item img');
var carouselTimeout;

$carousel.on('slid', function () {
    var $item = $carousel.find('.item.active');
    carouselTimeout = setTimeout(function() { // start the delay
        carouselTimeout = false;
        $item.find('.carousel-caption').animate({'opacity': 1}, 500);
        $item.find('img').animate({'opacity': 0.2}, 500);
    }, 2000);
}).on('slide', function () {
    if(carouselTimeout) { // Carousel is sliding, stop pending animation if any
        carouselTimeout = false;
    // Reset styles
    $carouselCaptions.animate({'opacity': 0}, 500);
    $carouselImages.animate({'opacity': 1}, 500);

    interval: 6000,
    cycle: true,
}).trigger('slid'); // Make the carousel believe that it has just been slid so that the first item gets the animation
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Thank you so much Sherbrow. Your code did the math exactly as I wanted it to! –  Kristoffer Jan 8 '13 at 21:28
Thanks.. really. You can check a modified version in demo.theme.firmasite.com –  Ünsal Korkmaz Jul 30 '13 at 13:44

If you are using Twitter Bootstrap 3, you need to use slide.bs.carousel instead of slide and slid.bs.carousel instead of slid

http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#carousel-usage Events Section.

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