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I'm trying to create a wiggle effect on a few images on my homepage!

I want to accomplish this when I hoved the mouse over the image. I have the following html:

<div id="Background">
<br /><br />
    <div class="Menu">
       <button class ="ButtonClass">Activities</button>
       <button class ="ButtonClass">Offers</button>
       <button class ="ButtonClass">Skills</button>
    <div id="Content">
    <h1>Addpro Activities</h1>

    <div id ="newsSection">

                <span class="subhead">Satan Kommer ej</span></h4>
                <span class="subhead">Perica Börjar den 14 December!</span></h4>
                <span class="subhead">2012 top </span></h4>

               <table id="theList">

    <br />

    <div id="Consultants">

     <img src="/images/erik.jpg" alt="" width="70" height="70" float ="left" />
     <img src="/images/PONY.jpg" alt="" width="70" height="70" float ="left" />
     <img src="/images/peder.jpg" alt="" width="70" height="70" float ="left" />
     <img src="/images/sael.jpg" alt="" width="70" height="70" float ="left" />


    <br />


I have the following jquery code:

$(function () {

  $("#Consultants img").hover(wiggle, wiggle);

    function wiggle(evt) {


When I add the code and press the "code sample" button it did not seem to work so I had to have it like this sorry.

My problem is that I have tried several solutions online but could not make them work so after a few hours of trying I decided to ask for help.

the jquery code might not be 100% correct but it is more of a code sample so that you can understand what I am trying to do. I hope you can fill in the rest.


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Simply put: there's no $.wiggle() function (unless you define it or import a plugin which does that). You'll need to define a custom animation to do the wiggling. –  Mattias Buelens Jan 8 '13 at 14:18
Are you using a wiggle plugin? –  c4p Jan 8 '13 at 14:21
I am aware of that there is not wiggle() function in the jquery library. As i mentioned at the end of the question it is not correct it is a sample of code so that the kind genious who has greater knowledge than me can help me do this. I have tried several ways of solving this and i could not make it work and in many cases i did not even understand what they did. Thats why i left it like this. If someone has the time i need a answer that involves an entire aniimated plugin (with comments). I don´t want to come off as lazy but im really frustruated, ive been at this for several hours –  Ra3IDeN Jan 8 '13 at 14:29
@Ra3IDeN next time to avoid confustion put a comment in your code along the lines of /*This is where I'm stuck*/ so that we know that this is where you need help\code and aren't left wondering if you are using a plug in or not. –  Jon P Sep 30 '13 at 3:45

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Ok since you're frustrated, just use this plugin:

This plugin just simple trigger the wiggle animation on click for an element such as image in your case but since you require wiggle effect on a image when hovering so just use hover function for example:

$('div#wigglewrapper img').hover(function(){

Hope it helps :)

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Sorry if i came of as a jerk here but my head was ready to explode! thanks alot! –  Ra3IDeN Jan 8 '13 at 15:17
Glad it helped :) –  Eli Jan 8 '13 at 15:26

Heres a wiggle function without a plugin. Just jquery...

var wiggle = function(myelement) {
  var pos = $(myelement).position();

You'll need to have position:absolute or position:relative on the element.

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