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I'm trying to change the keyboard layout using the thread Qt Embedded for Linux. Keyboard layout switching but the kmap2qmap doesn't work. bash says that that command is not found.

What package should I install to use kmap2qmap? or Where is the source path for that tool? (maybe I have it not included in the PATH variable)

Thanks in advance

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It is a tool part of Qt, and it doesn't seem to have been packaged by binary Linux distributions because it is a tool specific to the embedded Linux variant of Qt. Therefore, you probably have to build Qt to get access to this tool. But most likely, if you're doing embedded Linux development, there is already a tool that builds Qt for you.

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I have installed the Linux Console Tools, but the problem is not solved. Have someone ever used this "kmap2qmap" command?? Thanks in advance – Krohaska Jan 11 '13 at 9:55

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