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I'm using DatagridView in my project. I have to Add a DataGridView in Each form that i created. And in each form i have to Add some similar code blocks in this case. Instead of that i want to create a control library. In the library i want to implement my own behaviour (override default behaviour of that contol) .

Can anybody please help me in this regards? .How to create a custom Datagridview (inherited from the DatagridVview provided in .net) with our own behaviours in c#.net.

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A control is just a class.

You can create your own class that inherits from the DataGridView control.

You can then override or add different behaviour

public class CustomGridView : DataGridView {

   public string MyCustomProperty { get; set;}

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you can create a User Control that inherits from the DataGridView and override the behaviours

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