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I am no longer able to connect to my Asp NET mvc 4 application running on IIS7.5

I have made no change at all and after a computer restart I am getting:


I am trying to access it from localhost. The application still been developed so I don´t understand why it is happening.

Following instructions I have already done:

  • Checked IIS services
  • Re-configured IIS for this application
  • Flushed DNS
  • Disabled Windows Firewall

Is there somenthing else I should look at??? Thanks

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Found the solution.

For some reason I have might removed the localhost certificate used in the application.

I created a new self-signed certificate, and added it to IIS. Last step was to add this certificate in the application SSL configuration.

That´s all!

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Same... I didn't touch the settings of the site that was having problems, but for some reason it removed my self-signed cert. Not sure why – AlbatrossCafe Jun 5 at 19:45

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