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I have couple of tree panels, each configured with individual tree stores. I have configured a proxy for one store. on load event of this, i am trying to load the second store(proxy memory) like below. But doesn't work.

Ext version: 4.0.7

_treeStore2 = Ext.create('', {
model: 'Scenario',
proxy : {
type : 'memory'


_treeStore1 = Ext.create('', {
model: 'Scenario',
proxy : {
type : 'ajax',
url: '/proj/examples?id='+_Id,
reader : {
type : 'json',
listeners: {
'load': {
fn: function(store, records, success, operations) {

Sample JSON data:

 {"data1":[{"name":"value","children":[]}],"data2": [{"name":"value","children":[]}]}
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Instead of using the raw Json data, try just passing the the "records" param from the load listener to the other Store. So something like this:

listeners: {
    load: function(store, records) {
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Try this:

 * Because of a bug in in ExtJs < 4.1.3
 * we have to do deep cloning.
var clone = function(node) {
  var result = node.copy(),
      len = node.childNodes ? node.childNodes.length : 0,
  // Move child nodes across to the copy if required
  for (i = 0; i < len; i++)
  return result;

var oldRoot = store1.getRootNode(),
    newRoot = clone(oldRoot);

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