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I'm trying to use kendo ui mobile framework with on my mobile app. I have to create button dynamically in listview and buttons on click function also.

if i write in html body everything is ok and button behaves normally with click function.

<ul data-role="listview" data-style="inset" id="genericListView">
        <input type="text">sample
             <a data-align="right" data-role="button" data-click="browse" id="browse"></a>

but if i write like below:

$('#genericListView').append('<li id="' + result[i].ListItemID + '"><input name="' + result[i].ListItemElementText + '"type="' + result[i].ListItemElementType + 
                        '" id="' + result[i].ListItemElementID + '">' + result[i].ListItemElementText + '<a data-align="left" data-role="button" id="' + result[i].ListItemElementBrowsableID + 
                        '" data-click="' + funcName + '"></a></input></li>');

button seems like label on screen and of course click function is not working.

I also tried to add button with

1.input and button tag (not working)

  1. creating button with document.createElement and also tried to setAttribute (not working)

  2. $('ul').listview('refresh'); (after append, not working)

  3. .trigger('create'); (after append, not working)

    I think it's bug on android css (in kendoui mobile framework) because it's working on iOS devices correctly. Any ideas how to fix this problem? or am i miss something?

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An input element cannot have children. Validate your HTML. – Atanas Korchev Jan 8 '13 at 16:03
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$('#' + result[i].ListItemElementBrowsableID).kendoMobileButton({ 
                                click: function (event) {

if you use kendoMobileButton option anchor button can seems like a button and can behave when the user press the button and here is the same solution.

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