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I'm new to open street maps and GIS. Is there a java API avaliable for Open street maps? From what I can see they are geared towards editing maps, I only want to retrieve data and display it. if I'm understanding it correctly I should: Send a http request Receive XML parse this XMl (somehow?) render this as a map(any library recommendations?)


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have a look at trac.openstreetmap.org/browser/applications/utils/… , you might find something useful in this project – user902383 Jan 8 '13 at 17:08
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Would you be OK with simply showing pre-rendered tiles, or do you need to process the data into some new visualisation format? If the former, you can just grab PNGs from a Tileserver. If the latter, yes you'd query the XML data from something like Overpass, and then it's up to you to parse the XML data and do things with it.

I find that XSLT is a nice way to specify how to convert the raw XML into a more amenable form (here's a simple OSM XSLT from me).

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I think pre-rendered tiles would be okay, although I'd like the user to be able to zoom in and out and I'm not sure that would be possible with pre-rendered tiles if it's just an image file? – drunkmonkey Jan 9 '13 at 12:58
After a bit more reading, looks like they do offer zoom, could be what I need thanks! – drunkmonkey Jan 9 '13 at 13:08

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