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I have an excel file where there are lots of fileds with value's in it. I have some values which are as shown below:

++++comme ca

Now when I convert this file to .csv, using excel 2010 it converts to =++++comme ca, by adding an equal sign and treating is as a formula and display #name?.

Do you have any idea how can I export to csv with the actual displayed values. I tried lots of things by saving it as xls and then doing it instead of xlsx. I even tried by converting the column to text formatting but that still didn't work

Any clues on this.

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Text formatting doesn't change the fundamental values in a field, that's just for display purposes. If you want to force something to be treated as plain text, you need to prepend the value with a ', e.g. '++++ comme ca. The ' will tell Excel to NOT try to interpret the value as a formula or other special value - it'll just spit out the "string".

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nice one, but one problem is I can't go over the whole excel sheet looking for this. It does it ocassionaly over the sheet. And it's huge sheet. Is there something else I can try that could save me time. –  user726720 Jan 8 '13 at 15:29

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