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Using C++, MFC, I have an application with MDI Tabbed Groups. I have written code to 1 vote 0answers 21 views programmatically create new tab groups and move tabs around. That all works fine.

But I am having trouble setting the size of the tab groups I make. By default, the groups are given a size that is half of the available space. I couldn't find an official size method on the tab control class. So I tried SetWindowPos() and MoveWindow() on the group controls instead. That seems to have an impact, but not a full impact.

For example, lets say I want group A to be 10% of the frame window's area, while group B takes 90%. When I issue calls to SetWindowPos() or MoveWindow(), I get about 30%:70% instead of 10%:90% I asked for. It seems like it wants to do what I said, but it is fighting it.

I also tried calling the tab control's AutoSizeWindow(FALSE) method beforehand.
But that didn't help.

Any ideas? Any ideas?

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Ok, my mistake. MoveWindow() works fine. I just didn't notice that each tabgroup needed a rect with it's own origin. (every left would be 0) I tried to setup rectangles that were in frame window coordinates.

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