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Hi there i have a need to create a soap implementation of a wsdl first soap service. Is there any howto on how to achieve this inside a grails project?

I have to create a server implementation of a wsdl.

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This is possible with the new cxf 1.x plugin. Check out the example in the cxf test source:

CustomerServiceWsdlEndpoint.groovy -> https://github.com/thorstadt/grails-cxf/blob/master/grails-app/endpoints/org/grails/cxf/test/CustomerServiceWsdlEndpoint.groovy

CustomerService.wsdl -> https://github.com/thorstadt/grails-cxf/blob/master/src/java/org/grails/cxf/test/soap/CustomerService.wsdl

Let me know if that doesn't meet your needs.

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both those links are broken –  Stephen Swensen Apr 16 '13 at 23:16

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