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I have a page that needs to be printed to a 'A4' content. So I've tried to use the mPDF library. In that page, I have a calendar content. At first I used CI's Calendar, and when I rendered it to mPDF it works perfectly. But I recently changed the calendar to a jquery calendar due to user's specification. So I changed it using FullCalendar. When I passed it to mPDF, it displayed my other content in that page, but the javascript for the FullCalendar didn't appear in the PDF.

I was thinking to change my output to an image. Is there any tools (meaning libraries) to change my output to image and display it in the browser?

Note : There is javascript and css in my page, which I've read that most pdf generating tools can't render either javascript or css, or both.

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You might try using canvas to create an image of the screen and then sending it to your PDF creator. I realize this isn't a full fledged answer, but it's something I'm looking into for a similar purpose. This question has some more details.

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This is good, thank you. But the documentation and usage guide needs some work because I still don't know how to use it –  godheaper Jan 10 '13 at 1:29

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