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I have a button that toggles between Show/Hide mode (i.e. toggles a UITextField between secureTextEntry NO and YES). The purpose of which is to allow the user to see the password they are entering.

I followed the example (with the highest number of votes) here: UITextField secureTextEntry - works going from YES to NO, but changing back to YES has no effect

However, when I set secureTextEntry to NO, any text that was written there ends up with a space at the end. This does not seem to be a problem when setting secureTextEntry to YES.

For example, if I enter the text "mypassword" while setSecureTextEntry is set to NO, and then switch it to YES, the user will see ********** (10 dots), which is correct. If I setSecureTextEntry to NO, the user will see "mypassword " (with a space at the end, or at least, the cursor moved one space to the right).

Important note: In the debugger, the string value of text appears without the trailing space, like this:

(lldb) expr self.passwordText.text
(NSString *) $0 = 0x1d8450e0 @"mypassword"

I have tried trimming whitespace (per avoid middle whitespace in UITextField), but it has had no affect.

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I think iOS continues to draw the blinking cursor in the same position. The dots are wider than the text so there's always a gap between the text and the cursor. The 'whitespace' isn't really in the textbox, it just looks like it because of the cursor placement. –  russau Jan 23 '13 at 17:29
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In your button's action method (toggling between secureTextEntry YES and NO), simply set the UITextField's text to its current text. Although this may seem redundant and a bit like a hack, this will redraw the cursor in the right position. Here's an example of what your button's action method should look like now...

    //Toggle between secure and not-so-secure entry
    self.toggleButton.selected = !self.toggleButton.selected;
    if(self.toggleButton.selected) {
        [self.textfield setSecureTextEntry:NO];
    } else {
        [self.textfield setSecureTextEntry:YES];

    //Redundant but necessary line***
    self.textfield.text = self.textfield.text;
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It appears that the second solution in the referenced link, when implemented, has the desired behavior of not adding an extra space:


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