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I'd like to have some boilerplate info about license, author, etc. at the top of every new file I create, but I can't find the correct boxes to tick.

Basically, I want to create a new file, and have it already populated (at the top) with

   author: Me
   license: something
   copyright: something

Is this even possible?

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Go to Windows -> Preferences -> PyDev -> Editor -> Templates

Create a new template:

  • Fill the name with <Empty>
  • choose Editor
  • enable Automatically insert
  • Add a description (optionally)
  • Copy your template in the pattern
    • you might want to use some variables like ${year} and ${cursor} at the end.

To add your template on the file:

Just press Ctrl+Space on an empty line or after a whitespace and select <Empty> and it should add your template on your file.

You can create as many <Empty> templates as you want, <Empty> templates won't show up when you've called the code completion after entering some letters.

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Where can you find and edit these variables? E.g. ${user_email}? –  tsbertalan Jul 30 '14 at 14:28
This doesn't seem to work for me. Nothing is inserted when making a new .py file. –  Mark Winterbottom Mar 24 at 8:42

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