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I am trying to make a button action open a browser window to a particular URL and I think I've almost got it but there is a weird problem going on. The code below opens a new browser window but adds the URL to the end of the URL from the parent window. See below:

protected function launchPrinter_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
            var url:String = dataGrid2.selectedItem.ip_address;
            var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);

Here is the parent URL: http://???.???.???.???/IT%20Tools-debug/Main.html

Here is the URL from the newly created browser window: http://???.???.???.???/IT%20Tools-debug/

How do I open a new browser window with just the url variable being the address?

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Try this:

var url:String = "http://"+dataGrid2.selectedItem.ip_address;
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Thanks it did the trick! – Green Developer Jan 8 '13 at 18:30

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