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I have developed a fun little SignalR demo, but am running into a behavior where it fails to receive messages in some cases. The app is a collaborative whiteboard, as seen here:


The hub is fairly straightforward, allowing for sending and receiving paths drawn on the html canvas.

It is hosted on Azure Websites, but only on a single instance. I've tested on a variety of devices and connections, and it generally works fine. However, I recently ran into a case where it was able to send, but not receive messages. I tried from multiple browsers with the same behavior. Fiddler and F12 tools do not show any errors, and a longpolling connection stays open without any traffic or error. Even more bizarre, If I switch to


then it works as expected. When it's failing, it appears to be using longPolling transport: monitoring a send shows 'transport=longPolling' in the url.

As best I can tell, this problem is limited to a particular network. I try from my laptop while connected to the network, and it fails, but it succeeds while connected to a different network. The network does have Websense and who knows what else on it, though I don't see any blocked messages in browser or fiddler. This is odd to me though, since I would expect it to work anywhere port 80 is open to the host, which it obviously is. I don't have much access to Websense, routers, etc, but could get help if I could narrow the cause a bit.

So, I'm really looking for any help debugging. What would cause this behavior? Is it even possible that WebSense or some router config would break some long-polling technique that SignalR uses if port 80 to the host is working? Is the fact it appears to be constrained to a network a straw man? What tool or server-side code can I use to see where the packets are getting lost?

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I noticed similar behavior on JabbR, so I'm assuming this is not my app, and is some issue with the network. –  Daniel Jan 8 '13 at 18:44
What version are you using? –  Drew Marsh Jan 10 '13 at 0:19
this was 1.0.0-rc1. chatting with dfowler, I learned that some network proxies, etc can indeed break signalr and that the solution is to prefer SSL. I'm still not sure what the cause is in this case, but at least know I'm not crazy. –  Daniel Jan 10 '13 at 22:39

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