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I am setting up a test version of my website against a new schema. I am trying to connect using the proxy connection and am getting the following error:

ORA-28150: proxy not authorized to connect as client

my connect string has the following form:

Data Source=Instance; User Id=user; Proxy User Id=prxy_usr;Proxy Password=prxy_pass; Min Pool Size = 0; Connection Timeout = 30

Do you have any idea what might be wrong?

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According to the docs: Grant the proxy user permission to perform actions on behalf of the client by using the ALTER USER ... GRANT CONNECT command.

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EddieAwad's answer was correct but here is the specific code to run:


The THROUGH keyword is the part I couldn't find in the documentation.

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Here is the ALTER USER documentation. You will find the CONNECT THROUGH clause there as well as some proxy users examples.

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