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On android... Given a set of active sockets (<10), My broadcast receiver gets an intent from the ConnectivityManager indicating that a connection status has changed. How do I associate the intent with the afflicted sockets?

I can get the NetworkInfo from the intent.

final ConnectivityManager cm = 
   (ConnectivityManager) context.getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE);
final NetworkInfo netinfo = 
   ConnectivityManagerCompat.getNetworkInfoFromBroadcast(cm, aIntent);

This gives me the interface type. I can also use the socket to get the NetworkInterface.

final InetAddress sourceAddr = socket.getLocalAddress();
final NetworkInterface ninterface = 

But I see no way to proceed from here.

Is there a way to get the NetworkInfo associated with a socket?

I am considering manually constructing a mapping between interface names and network types. This mapping would be loaded curing initialization. This is basically what I am doing visually when I run an ip or netstat command.

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