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I'm new to AIR for Android development and can't seem to get past building the ANE sharing/SMS/Toast native extension for my android development in ActionScript on AIR for Android. I have downloaded the ANE source from http://extensionsforair.com/extensions/ssd-android-extensions/. I have 3 folders: AndroidExtensions, AndroidExtensions_Demo and AndroidExtensions_Native.

While the AndroidExtensions folder contains ActionScript Files which I have successfully linked to and referenced in my ActionScript document, I'm thinking I need to build the contents of the AndroidExtensions_Native folder into an ANE file to place it in my ActionScript Document Classpath for the application i building.

I have downloaded and setup AdobeAIRSDK so I can use adt.bat to build the ane. having gone thru the documentation and running

adt -package -target ane myext.ane

produces an error - "not enough arguments" .

I would be grateful if someone can help me out as I don't have much time on my hands especially someone who has used the ANE sharing/SMS/Toast for ActionScript AIR development on Android.


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You need a lot more information in your packaging command than you have specified.

You should probably read through the following help guide from Adobe. The eventual command should look something more like this:

adt -package <signing options> -target ane MyExtension.ane MyExt.xml -swc MyExtension.swc 
    -platform iPhone-ARM -platformoptions platformiOSARM.xml 
        foo.a abc/x.framework lib.o -C platform/ios . 
    -platform default -C platform/default library.swf
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