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I have a collection "foo":

db.foo.insert({a:[1, 10]})
db.foo.insert({a:[4, 6]})

and a query:

db.foo.find({a: {$elemMatch: {$gte: 5, $lte: 7}}})

and result is:

{a: [4, 6]}

My question is how to use Query.ElemMatch() in this situation?

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This link might help you stackoverflow.com/questions/6266994/… –  cubbuk Jan 8 '13 at 18:34

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You can use C#'s collection initializer syntax to clean it up a bit:

Query.ElemMatch("a", new QueryDocument {
    {"$gte", 5}, 
    {"$lte", 7}
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I found a solution for my problem and hope it's useful for someone

Query.ElemMatch("a", Query.And(new QueryDocument("$gte", 5), new QueryDocument("$lte", 7)))
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