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I have a cmdlet with the following defintion:

    [String] $Pattern,
    [String] [AllowEmptyString()] $Replacement,
    [String[]] $Path,
    [String[]] $LiteralPath,
    [Switch] $CaseSensitive,
    [Switch] $Multiline,
    [Switch] $UnixText,
    [Switch] $Overwrite,
    [Switch] $Force,
    [String] $Encoding="ASCII"

I put the cmdlet .ps1 file in the same folder as as a powershell script file that calls the cmdlet as following:

Invoke-Expression -Command .\Replace-FileString.ps1 "9595" "NewPort" "c:\temp" -Overwrite

However, when I execute my ps script, I get the following error:

Invoke-Expression : A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument '9595'. How can I make it work? Thanks.

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Invoke-Expression -Command '.\Replace-FileString.ps1 "9595" "NewPort" "c:\temp" -Overwrite'

Your command includes arguments that uses quotemarks, so PS thinks that your command is over and those are new arguments(not a part of the -Command paramter).

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