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Is it possible to run rails server in a UNIX socket?

I ask because rails server gives such a beautiful output, and it's really easy to distinguish SQL queries from HTTP requests, etc. But, I'm using Nginx, so I'd like to connect the application server with it using UNIX sockets, but I'm having some trouble.

The following command results in an error:

bundle exec rails server thin --socket=/var/run/rails_app.sock

It is seemingly trying to parse --socket as an option on rails server, not thin. Is there any way around this, or am I stuck using thin start and succumbing to a less beautiful log output?

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You mean , in development or in production? – R Milushev Jan 8 '13 at 19:05

Try using:

bundle exec rails server thin -- --socket=/var/run/rails_app.sock

-- is used to mark the end of parameters for the first command on a lot of *nix apps.

From man sh:

   --        A  --  signals the end of options and disables further option processing.  Any arguments after the --
             are treated as filenames and arguments.  An argument of - is equivalent to --.
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That doesn’t work. The -- stops the arguments to bundle exec, of which rails server thin is part of. – Alf Apr 12 '13 at 9:35

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