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I want to acces files on my LAN (on a NAS or PC) by an Android app like I can do on Windows by typing \pcname\ in the explorer. I know this is possible on Android, because there are other apps that do this (e.g.

I already tried accessing the file as a local file (new File("\\pcname\")). Needless to say this did not work. I searched the web for tutorials, but every tutorial I found was using ftp, http and so on.

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Using you can use ftp urls like ftp://servername/path/to/file. To access windows share, you need to use the samba protocol (there is similar question: How to access share folder in windows through android and read files )

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Thanks! I used the jar from the jcifs library ( and this example At first I got aa ExceptionInInitializerError (maybe because I did run the code in the main thread for testing), which could be solved by ThreadPolicy tp = ThreadPolicy.LAX; StrictMode.setThreadPolicy(tp);. – hin Jan 8 '13 at 20:20

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