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In my app I have selectOneMenu to select month.

                    <h:selectOneMenu value="#{register.monthOfBirth}">
                        <f:selectItems value="#{register.dateValues.monthsList}" var="month" itemLabel="#{month.valueLabel}" itemValue="#{month.valueValue}"/>
                        <f:ajax listener="#{register.monthChanged}" render="messages" />

Here's my DateValues class which I use to populate selectOneMenu's:

    public class DateValues {

    public static class Values{
    public String valueLabel;
    public String valueValue;

    public Values(String valueLabel, String valueValue){
        this.valueLabel = valueValue;
        this.valueLabel = valueValue;

    public String getValueLabel(){
        return valueLabel;

    public String getValueValue(){
        return valueValue;


    public Values[] daysList;
    public Values[] monthsList;
    public Values[] yearsList;

    public DateValues(){
            daysList = new Values[31];
            for(int i=0;i<31;i++){
                daysList[i] = new Values(""+ (i+1),""+(i+1));
            monthsList = new Values[12];
            for(int i=0;i<12;i++){
                monthsList[i] = new Values("" + (i+1),"" + (i+1));
            yearsList = new Values[109];
            Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
            int currentYear = cal.get(Calendar.YEAR);
            int first = currentYear - 108;
            for(int i=0;i<109;i++) {
                yearsList[i] = new Values("" + (first + (108-i)),"" + (first + (108-i)));

public Values[] getDaysList() {
    return daysList;

    public Values[] getMonthsList() {
    return monthsList;


    public Values[] getYearsList() {
    return yearsList;


In the @ManagedBean I've got an ajax listener:

        public void monthChanged(){
           System.out.println("New month is month number " + monthOfBirth);


What I get in the output is:

    "INFO: New month is month number dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@79f6099"

instead of (for example) 2 (number of month, so February)

What did I do wrong?



    <h2><select id="j_idt56:j_idt70" name="j_idt56:j_idt70" size="1" onchange="mojarra.ab(this,event,'valueChange',0,'j_idt56:messages')">  <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@32b0c37e">1</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@72f29f31">2</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@16b184ec">3</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@608dad97">4</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@757fc606">5</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@17a1f02e">6</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@89f6821">7</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@196d52f3">8</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@5860dc8f">9</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@3f305d9d">10</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@520ed4">11</option>
       <option value="dyplom.dyplom.date.DateValues$Values@b4b8076">12</option>
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Can you show whole code? Where is variable called monthOfBirth? Your itemValue is of type String, so monthOfBirth should be String. –  partlov Jan 8 '13 at 19:14
Does Values properly implemement toString(). Because the issue here is that you are trying to print an object as String, and if you have not overriden toString() you get the default result (which is what is showing). –  SJuan76 Jan 8 '13 at 19:31
@SJuan76 Do I have to only override toString() in 'Values' ? Or am I supposed to implement a converter? I was hoping that when 'itemValue' and 'value' of selectOneMenu are both the same type (String) there is no need for any additional actions. –  AjMeen Jan 8 '13 at 19:39
Are you sure {register.monthOfBirth} is a String? I had assumed it was a Values; if it is a String I would expect it to work ok. In that case, could you check the generated HTML to find which values are used there? –  SJuan76 Jan 8 '13 at 20:59
Are you sure you're running the code you think you're running? Rebuild/redeploy/restart to be sure. –  BalusC Jan 8 '13 at 23:29

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Problem solved!
I'm so ashamed of the mistake I made! Take a look at the constructor of Values:

public Values(String valueLabel, String valueValue){
    this.valueLabel = valueValue;
    this.valueLabel = valueValue;

As you can see I've been setting up twice valueLabel with wrong variable and moreover I didn't set valueValue at all!

Now as I corrected constructor:

public Values(String valueLabel, String valueValue){
    this.valueLabel = valueLabel;
    this.valueValue = valueValue;

everything is alright :) Sorry for the mess!

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