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I would like to change the Formatter for the handler on my Tomcat 6.0.36.

I've done these steps:

  1. Created a new Java Project in Eclise
  2. Created a new class extending Formatter
  3. Exported project as jar
  4. Copied the jar in CATALINA_BASE/lib
  5. Edited the file CATALINA_BASE/conf/ to add this line: = com.mycompany.myformatter

But it actually not working, I mean it always use the SimpleFormatter.

I use a fresh downloaded apache-tomcat bundle.

Any Idea?


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Actually, the library, where the formatter is, should be included in the Tomcat Classpath. That not only mean "Copy the jar in CATALINA_BASE/lib", it means also: add it to the CLASSPATH variable.


$ cat bin/
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