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I'm working on a WP8 application that uses a Webservice that is shared with a WP6 application This webservice uses GZipStream to compress the communicated answers.

Now it seems that WP8 doesn't support this way of compression

Does someone know how i still can decompress and compress the returned stream?

I've been searching the Net for 2 days now and I've found no answer to this problem.

The only way I see now is to remove the compression on the 2 sides in production and that Is not my ittention

(sorry for my english)

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Use Morten's SharpGIS.GZipWebClient to make GZip WebRequests on WP7/WP8. Read more about it here.

WebRequest.RegisterPrefix("http://", SharpGIS.WebRequestCreator.GZip);
WebRequest.RegisterPrefix("https://", SharpGIS.WebRequestCreator.GZip);
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