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I have a site with a Invision Power Board forum hosted on a dedicated server with CentoS and Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, with 2.13 GHz.

Recently, when server is heavily loaded, load server reach a peak of about 6.00 in a minute, and the server goes down due to a massive CPU usage. My question is: according to you, I have to request a more powerful CPU to my host? Or maybe I just to improve the performance of site scripts and forum?

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Measure and optimise. Repeat as necessary until you know what's really happening.

Note that load and CPU are not measuring the same thing.

  • Are you using a PHP accelerator? (e.g. APC) -- you probably should be.
  • Check your memory, and actual CPU use (user/system/io), swap use (vmstat, iostat etc) . Is there high iowait?
  • Have you optimised the MySQL config? If not, it almost certainly does not have sufficient table or query cache memory allocated.
  • Do you look at the MySQL stats, check your cache hit rate, or slow queries? Any on-disk temp tables?

I strongly recommend you get some proper performance monitoring in place -- stats and graphs are invaluable.

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