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I used the EPL package manager and installed the clojure -mode.el v1.5

I get these errors while installing the major mode

In clojure-mode:
clojure-mode.el:174:34:Warning: reference to free variable `paredit-mode'
clojure-mode.el:174:51:Warning: reference to free variable `paredit-version'

In clojure-font-lock-extend-region-def:
clojure-mode.el:210:33:Warning: reference to free variable `font-lock-beg'
clojure-mode.el:217:30:Warning: assignment to free variable `font-lock-beg'
clojure-mode.el:218:33:Warning: reference to free variable `font-lock-end'
clojure-mode.el:220:19:Warning: assignment to free variable `font-lock-end'

In clojure-font-lock-extend-region-comment:
clojure-mode.el:235:26:Warning: reference to free variable `font-lock-beg'
clojure-mode.el:232:49:Warning: reference to free variable `font-lock-end'
clojure-mode.el:236:17:Warning: assignment to free variable `font-lock-beg'
clojure-mode.el:240:17:Warning: assignment to free variable `font-lock-end'

In clojure-indent-function:
clojure-mode.el:357:33:Warning: reference to free variable

In clojure-slime-config:
clojure-mode.el:533:11:Warning: assignment to free variable

In end of data:
clojure-mode.el:630:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be defined:
    imenu--generic-function, slime-setup,

Then when i tried to M-x clojure-install I get

cannot find file cmdproxy.exe in the emac's bin folder.

I dont understand what these mean. Please help me. I dont want to use the ClojureBox.

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There might not be too many clojure programmers using emacs hanging around here - you could try the clojure google group: – Simon Groenewolt Sep 14 '09 at 15:44

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Very likely you can ignore the compilation errors (which is what you're reporting in the first block). Those variables are probably only used when the appropriate packages have been loaded.

Regarding the cmdproxy.exe error, it looks like you're running in Windows. Is that correct? That executable should be in the same directory as is your Emacs executable. If it isn't, then you should re-install Emacs. If it is in that directory, check the value of the variable exec-path (by typing C-h v exec-path RET) to ensure that the directory containing the Emacs executable is in that exec-path.

I've had problems with running subprocesses from Emacs in vanilla Windows (because none of the executables I commonly use are installed, e.g. diff). So I'd recommend installing Cygwin and running Emacs from a Cygwin shell. Most notably because the M-x clojure-install requires git to be installed (if you haven't already installed it).

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