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I am trying to join the below two elements as a single list Tried concat , join , lappend etc but its not working

1134-1215 { W.1.Agg-251 ethernet4/28 island ethernet9/7}

I need the output of (links)list whose 1st element is 1134 , second element as W.1.Agg-251 etc

 for {set index 0 } { $index <=328 } {incr index} {
     lappend links   [lindex $result2 $index] [lindex $list4 $index]

 puts "===>$links"

where result 2 is a list like {1134-1150 1151-1600 .. } and list4 is a list like {W.1.Agg-251 ethernet4/28 island ethernet9/7 X.1.Agg-251 ethernet4/29 island ethernet9/9... }

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The problem isn't in this part of the code. Have you checked what $result2, $list4 and $links are when you enter the loop? –  potrzebie Jan 8 '13 at 21:26

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You probably meant to do something like

set links [concat $links [lindex $result2 $index] [lindex $list4 $index]]
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