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First of all sorry for the easy question. I have a list (just an example)

points = [[663963.7405329756, 6178165.692240637],
 [664101.4213951868, 6177971.251818423],
 [664099.7474887948, 6177963.323432223],
 [664041.432877932, 6177903.295650704],
 [664031.8017317944, 6177895.797176996],
 [663963.7405329756, 6178165.692240637]]

I need to convert it to the following form

points = [(663963.7405329756, 6178165.692240637),
 (664101.4213951868, 6177971.251818423),
 (664099.7474887948, 6177963.323432223),
 (664041.432877932, 6177903.295650704),
 (664031.8017317944, 6177895.797176996),
 (663963.7405329756, 6178165.692240637)]

in order to create a Polygon object using shapely module. I wrote several loops but really not elegant and time consuming. Do you know the best way to convert the first list into the second?


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converted = map(tuple, points) # Python 2
converted = list(map(tuple, points)) # or BlackBear's answer for Python 3
converted = [tuple(x) for x in points] # another variation of the same
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The version using map() is the most efficient one, I think. And the shortest. – pemistahl Jan 8 '13 at 21:21
@PeterStahl Probably. It will also work on Python 3, but converted will not be a list, rather a generator. Sometimes it doesn't matter, in this case I also recommend using map. – Lev Levitsky Jan 8 '13 at 21:25
converted = [(a,b) for a,b in points]
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converted = [tuple(l) for l in points]

Compared to the solution given by @BlackBear, this works for sublists of arbitrary size.

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points = [tuple(x) for x in points]
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