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This message is also posted on grails mailing list. In addition to my earlier question I downloaded the grails source from github. Building via documented gradlew install works (almost) perfect. Than I imported the whole project into Eclipse. And with a bit fighting groovy plugins and "project - workspace-groovy-compiler-issues" I only have a few issues left, all boiling down to java Collection modification in groovy classes. For instance in PluginBuildSettings.groovy:

List<Resource> artefactResourcesList = []
artefactResources.addAll compileScopePluginInfo.artefactResources

which gives an error:

Groovy:[Static type checking] - Cannot call java.util.List#addAll(java.util.Collection ) with arguments [java.util.Set ]

I really don't see what the issue may be.

I tried changing the artefactResources declaration in PluginScopeInfo from:

Set<Resource> artefactResources = []


Set<Object> artefactResources = []

which takes away error above, but introduces some other problems let alone the unittests. I'm not hindered with extensive groovy knowledge but it looks all perfect valid to me.

I'm using ggts: Groovy/Grails Tool Suite Version: 3.1.0.RELEASE Build Id: 201210061306 groovy-compiler: 2.0.4.xx -20120921 On mac os x 8.2 java 6.0._37 groovy compiler: 2.0 (workspace and project).

With my favorite search engine I found a reference to grails bug 5516, which is solved but it looks resurected

Type checker fails verification of generic types with addAll

Fixed in 2.0 rc 3,

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you need to make sure this is not 5516 bug, or you just need to make your code working? –  Archer Jan 8 '13 at 23:58
@archer I want to have have the code working. It's a bit frustrating that the gradle build is all fine but eclipse chokes on this simple error. –  dr jerry Jan 9 '13 at 9:39

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