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Is there any way to (some dialog maybe?) that can require a user to enter his password for Facebook, in order to confirm his identity (again)...

I have a webpage, which is using Facebook login. But I would like to require the user to enter his password in order to delete his membership of the page.

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This would be a question for the facebook developer forum, not here. Or, maybe the facebook stackoverflow page (facebook.stackoverflow.com). – Wug Jan 8 '13 at 21:30
@Wug: The facebook.SO site isn't a separate site. It's just a filtered view of SO. See here: facebook.stackoverflow.com/questions/14224289 – cpilko Jan 9 '13 at 3:03
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There is no built-in functionality to handle this. If you have them enter a password for your site after they login via fb, then you can build a simple confirmation yourself.

And my personal opinion: Just use a captcha to prevent a bot from doing it. Besides that, until your site becomes "big enough" to get attention, its not as big of a really a security hole as you're probably thinking it is. If it would be disastrous for them to lose membership, then users should probably have a separate password for that website anyway. And if you're still stuck on this idea, just do what Facebook does: don't actually "delete" the user, just move it into an "inactive" state. If they come back, make it all "active" again.

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