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I have 2 applications (client and server) using a request-reply pattern.

The client sends a request to the server the message ID is set to something like this: ID=Hostname-52991-1357677886768-3:1:2:1:1.

Now the client has to listen to a message with a correlation ID set to the same value. Since the value contains special characters (:) I have to encode the value (using UTF-8).

Sets the JMS Selector, which is an SQL 92 predicate that is used to filter messages within the broker. You may have to encode special characters such as = as %3D

So the selector should look like JMSCorrelationID='ID=Hostname-52991-1357677886768-3:1:2:1:1' and the encoded selector should look like JMSCorrelationID='ID%3AHostname-52991-1357677886768-3%3A1%3A2%3A1%3A1' I guess.

I have struggled for a couple of hours now and searched and read everything I could find but I cannot get this thing to work and it's driving me nuts.

Using only ASCII characters like abcd works.

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Your JMS selector selector is being HTML encoded which will not work with the underlying system(as it will never match a message). The expression JMSCorrelationID='ID=Hostname-52991-1357677886768-3:1:2:1:1' should work as is.

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Weird... I tried it again today, and it worked, indeed without encoding. I initially got InvalidSelectorExceptions with nested TokenMgrErrors with some message like Lexical error at line 1, column ?. Encountered: ' after :. So that's an easy 50 for you I guess. ;-) – siebz0r Jan 11 '13 at 21:25

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