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When I edit a single line in a file either sublime or git adds then removes many of the other (mostly blank) lines in the file.

Here is an example of this

@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
module UserHelper
   def create_test_users

It is just obfuscating the actual changes I am making, which makes code reviews especially difficult.

Also, both the original file and my editor are using unix line endings.

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Just shooting from the hip here--if you try editing files with other extensions (assuming you're using extensions on your files) does this problem occur? – Onorio Catenacci Jan 8 '13 at 21:53
It was a sublime problem, in the configuration I removed "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true This seems to be the problem. – Graham Jan 8 '13 at 22:12
@user1911731: If your problem is solved, please post an answer describing what was exactly the issue and how you resolved it (maybe in a few more words than in your comment) so that this question is marked as "answered" and other people can benefit from it :) – Nevik Rehnel Jan 8 '13 at 22:19

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