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Currently I have a mailer.py file that sends an email when there is a commit on a particular repository.

Anyone knows how to have ONLY emails sent out to the owner of modules (directories) within a repository?

http://sigserver/sigrepo1 (everyone gets an email for any commit on this repo1)

http://sigserver/sigrepo1/mymodule (I need to only be notified if mymodule changes)

In CVS, there is a cvsinfo file that takes care of this, I am wondering if SVN has such a thing

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Seems to be a good question for serverfault.com – Nikolai Ruhe Sep 14 '09 at 16:42
What's "owner of modules"? – Milen A. Radev Sep 14 '09 at 18:33

There is no equivalent to cvsinfo, however you can use a post-commit hook script(written in your favorite language) to examine the revision and sent notifications according to the modified paths.

To retrieve the modified actions use the svnlook command:

svnlook changed -r REV REPO_PATH

Note that Revision (REV) and path to repo (REPO_PATH) are both arguments provided by subversion through post-commit-call

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