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I am trying to develop certain extension for Desktop Window Manager. I selected method of DLL injection and function hooking. It is supposed to be working in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

I successfuly injected my DLL into dwm.exe process and hooked Direct3D device creation (D3D10CreateDevice1 on Win7 and D3D11CreateDevice/D3D11Device::GetImmediateContext on Win8). However, I have problem with hooking drawing procedures (Draw/DrawIndexed/etc.).

Whenever I replace pointers in vtable with pointers to my functions, they are restored back to original pointers in a while. Probably there is some hook protection in DWM/Direct3D??? I tried creating background thread which replaces the pointers still around. It works on Win7 but rarely on Win8 (it seems that pointers are restored more quickly there)

void thread(void* _device)
    ID3D10Device1* device = (ID3D10Device1*)_device;
        if(device->lpVtbl->Draw != My_ID3D10Device1_Draw)
            DX_METHOD_HOOK(device, ID3D10Device1, Draw);
            DX_METHOD_HOOK(device, ID3D10Device1, DrawIndexed);

Does anyone have any experience with hooking and could he provide me some help? Thank you very much!

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