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I am writing an Windows Phone 7.5 app. How can I expand the system tray by c# code? I want that by app shows the system tray with the battery status if the user clicks on a specific button. If the user taps on the clock then normally WP7 expands the system tray and shows the icon for the battery status in system tray. This I would like to do programmatically on an specific actions. For example the IE does it too: if you click on "..." then the system tray with the battery status icon will be shown.

Is there a possibility to realize this in C#?

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If you want to show the full System Tray you need to call SystemTray.IsVisible whenever the state is changed from IsVisible=false to IsVisible=true you should get a similar animation to what you saw in IE. The tray will auto hide, as is common in WP, after a short duration.

Keep in mind, it isn't recommended under Metro guidelines.

private void Foo()
    SystemTray.IsVisible = true;
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No that is not the case. Only if the phone is charging the animation appears. I tested it with emulator and my device. If I do not tap on the clock manually there is no animation and no battery icon - just the clock. – rittergig Jan 8 '13 at 22:59

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