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I need to know what kind of Java Smart Card to buy and where I can get some from? What are the factors i should consider while choosing a card / vendor? Thanks

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Things to consider:

  1. Supported cryptographic methods - RSA (1024? 4096?), EC. Bigger is better, but depends on your requirements.
  2. Interface - USB dongle, contact, contactless or dual (contact + contactless). You can't use USB dongles with secure PIN entry readers, which means software (trojans) has the possibility to steal PIN codes. But dongles can be carried around more easily.
  3. Memory - anything from 16..72K and more. 32k was common a while ago, 64k is available, probably bigger ones as well. 32k is enough for 3 keys/certificates.
  4. JavaCard specification version - http://www.globalplatform.org/specificationscard.asp. If you're forward-looking: http://java.sun.com/javacard/3.0/
  5. Software/applets on the card - there are many JavaCards that come pre-installed with applets that can do different things. Some support PKCS#15 for example, so you have the option to use OpenSC for example, instead of loading MuscleApplet or your custom applets.

Some shops:

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thanks alot :) its what i needed about java cards? Anything about Mifare cards? –  Ngetha Sep 16 '09 at 11:13

Gemalto is the market leader, it surely can provide what you need

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We use Java Card from Axalto (now Gemalto),


We use the USB dongle version. It does everything we expected it to but we didn't do any competitive review.

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