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Also, that we can specifically know which running program is using certain ports and what kind of information they are sending and where specifically? This will work for many people to prevent MIM attacks, trojans, keylogger connections, etc. I know I can partly do this by netstat command on cmd. But what I need to know is that if there is a software that does all of this in once? (Excluding common AVs like Norton, McAfee, Webroot, etc.)

Thanks in advance.

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in addition to the simple netstat -an invocations, you'll find additionnal usefull informations on what port is opened, what files are used, with:

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Thanks a lot.. Thats a very useful information there! –  rodvaN Jan 9 '13 at 0:22

I would recomend you nmap, it has a lot of features. http://nmap.org/

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