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I am using qt, I am wondering is it possible set double press Esc shortcut? I want to have an effect, when I press Esc twice, a function is called.


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"double click of Esc shortcut"? What's that supposed to be? Please describe in more detail, what you want to achieve. – Frank Osterfeld Jan 8 '13 at 23:31

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on each pressing ESC make


and if on any next press

     if (PRESSED >=2) {
        //fire event here
        // Dont forget to reset PRESSED for next usage

in case PRESSED yet not equals "2" (if user pressed it once) after 1-3 seconds reset it to 0; and fire event for single press.

for the situation when u dont want fire SinglePressEvent in case doublepress just delay singlepress event for 1-2 seconds to wait for second press.. if second press does not appear fire singlepressevent.

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