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Here is a method which displays Jobs from SQlite onto a table and sets them as labelText appropriately.

private void setLabelText() {
    try {

    String table_click0 = (table_job.getModel().getValueAt(row, 0).toString());        
    String sqlSt = "SELECT Employer.name, * FROM Job INNER JOIN Employer ON Job.employerID = Employer.employerID WHERE jobID='"+table_click0+"' ";
    conn = JavaConnect.ConnectDB();
    pst = conn.prepareStatement(sqlSt);
    rs = pst.executeQuery();

    if(rs.next()) {
        empTitLabel.setText(rs.getString(1)+" - "+rs.getString(4));
        idLabel.setText("Job Reference: " + rs.getString(2));
        typeLabel.setText("Job Type: " + rs.getString(6));
        salaryLabel.setText("Salary: " + rs.getString(7));
         benefitsLabel.setText("Benefits : " + rs.getString(8));
        vacLabel.setText("Vacancies : " + rs.getString(9));
        closeLabel.setText("Closing Date: " + rs.getString(10));
        reqLabel.setText("Requirement : " + rs.getString(11));
       placeLabel.setText("Placement : " + rs.getString(12));
       applyToLabel.setText("Apply To: " + rs.getString(13));
        statusLabel.setText("Job Status: "+rs.getString(14));
        locLabel.setText("Location: "+rs.getString(16));
         postedLabel.setText("Posted: "+rs.getString(15));        

I want to be able to now allow users to select the Job (clicked row on table) to allow editing for update of data. So i provide a form to do that, instead of repeating lines such as descriptionArea.setText(rs.getString(5)); for Form textfields, is there a shorter way of doing this. or does each JTextfield have to be individually manipulated using textfieldName.setText(....) way, is there any tricks to do it shorter? any nice easy techniques to perhaps reuse the above code to minimise repetition.

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Why not allow the user to edit the data within the table directly?? Or isn't there enough data in the table?? You might be able to use something like JGoodies Binding API –  MadProgrammer Jan 8 '13 at 23:34
Using arrays generously could eliminate some of the repetitive code here. Of course, this just moves the repetitive code to initializing the arrays instead. –  Code-Apprentice Jan 8 '13 at 23:38
@MadProgrammer table gather a lot of data, so not ideal allowing editing directly, especially when one field holds description of company which is of many words. –  Hoody Jan 9 '13 at 12:42

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You might want to look at the Apache Commons DbUtils, which uses Class Literals as Runtime-Type Tokens and ResultSetMetaData to simplify some of the more tedious parts of JDBC.

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Despite JTextField being for editing you could use for displaying your results. You could change to editable whenever clicked.

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