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I have a text file that has a sentence at each line. And I have a word list. I just want to get only the sentences which contain at least one word from the list. Is there a pythonic way to do that?

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What have you tried? You should know we won't write code for you. At least not for free. –  StoryTeller Jan 8 '13 at 23:43

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sentences = [line for line in f if any(word in line for word in word_list)]

Here f would be your file object, for example you could replace it with open('file.txt') if file.txt was the name of your file and it was located in the same directory as the script.

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Using set.intersection:

with open('file') as f:
    [line for line in f if set(line.lower().split()).itersection(word_set)]

or with filter:

filter(lambda x:word_set.intersection(set(x.lower().split())),f)
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this will give you a start:

words = ['a', 'and', 'foo']
infile = open('myfile.txt', 'r')
match_sentences = []

for line in infile.readlines():
    # check for words in this line
    # if match, append to match_sentences list
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