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When I load up a grid view (which is supposed to display data of that user). However, when I log in as a user and view the grid view it displays both the current user's data and others' data. I want it to only display the current logged in user's data.

How would I use userid = convert.toint32(session["userId"].tostring()) to check my current logged in user's username and display only their data from the database's table?

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You can set user's name as a session variable on page load, then bind it to the database query like: SELECT values FROM userTable WHERE UserID=SessionVariable –  vesuvious Jan 9 '13 at 0:05

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Just make your query to get the data something like

"Select * from SomeTable Where UserId = @userId"

And then set the parameter to userid

Same way as you'd do a query based on user input.

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