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I was trying out the vim clang_complete plugin. Once I type the C-x C-u on the following code fragment, positioned after some below

inline void someSizeChecks()
   // ...

void foo()

I get a selection menu like:

completion menu

Gui challenged question: How do I select the function that the clang_complete plugin spits out in this pink selection menu? I tried space, enter, f, and tab. I also don't see anything in the plugin docs on how to use the menus once presented.

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You select the option using CTRL-N and CTRL-P and select it using CTRL-Y.

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It was in the help:

If equal to 1, automatically complete after ->, ., ::
Default: 1
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At that point, you could either use the arrows of your keyboard, or use C-n and C-p to browse through the list of completion results.

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When there's a list I can figure out how to do it. When there was only one match, it wasn't obvious. – Peeter Joot Jan 20 '13 at 15:22

In order to select items in the menu generated by clang_complete you simply need to use the up and down keys to make your select your choice, finally hit enter to finish the completion.

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