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Appengine 1.7.4, webapp2, sessions.

Sessions are configured as shown in documentation:

# Some object
def post(self):
    logging.error(self.session.get('cart')) #A 1 item

    if '_put' in self.request.params:
        return self.put()

    cart = self.session.get('cart')
    # add one item to cart
    self.session['cart'] = cart

    logging.error(self.session.get('cart')) #B OK, 2 items
    return self.redirect(URL)

def put(self):
    logging.error(self.session.get('cart')) #C 1 item?!
    # some code
    return self.redirect(URL)

Two POST request send by AJAX.

First without _put
- #A - returns 1 item - OK.
- #B - returns 2 items - OK.

Second, POST with _put.
- #A - returns 1 item - why? session was changed?
- #C - as above

Requests are executed one by one (user clicks once, two requests). Any ideas why this might be happening?

If I run only the first request (without _put) and refresh page - session is saved correctly.

Problem started after the migration from the webapp (1.x) and Python 2.5.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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1 Answer 1

How much time is between these two requests? Less then 1 or 2 seconds? Then you might have a race-condition here:

  1. Req. 1 reads the session
  2. Req. 2 reads the session
  3. Req. 1 saves its session
  4. Req. 2 saves its session

==> Changes from Req. 1 are lost. Please note that (due to the distributed architecture of the appengine) "saving" can occur even after the request itself has finished!

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